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A short Promo Video with snippets of several of my works:

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Jacob Swanson's new album with contemporary works for soprano saxophone and electronics is now available for digital download on iTunes and CDBaby, and in physical format (CD) through Jacob's own website (or CDBaby)!

Hugo's piece Retroactive Negotiability is track number 9 on the record.

About the piece:

‘Retroactive Negotiability’ for soprano saxophone and digital audio playback (“tape”) was composed for Jacob Swanson. The piece came about after Jacob and his duo partner, Sarah Marchitelli (Decho Ensemble), performed new works by Norwegian composers in 2016. While the piece for Decho, ‘Spiritual Negotiation,’ also included digital audio playback, the material used in this solo piece is quite different. The track for Decho was based on recordings of various metal sounds, while the track for the solo piece is all recordings of my voice. The material for the soprano sax is laid out on a timeline with spatial notation rather than standard rhythmic notation. The performer uses a stopwatch to keep track of time and to be in sync with the digital track. The title of the piece also connects back to the original duo.

Where to listen & buy:

Apple Music/iTunes

CDBaby (digital/CD)

Jacob Swanson's website (CD)