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Hugo on...

... music composition as a profession:

rhythm, flow of time, verticality and horizontality, layers, textures, pitches, sounds, gestures, form, dramaturgy, parameters, registers, timbres, playing techniques, instrumentation, development, material, contrasts, similarities, dynamics and microdynamics...and so much more. Being a composer is the most interesting and rewarding thing ever...!

... studying arts:

any art study is an endless process of self analysis, especially when you're in bed with a fever!

... working with the Zvezdoliki ensemble:

Working with the Zvezdoliki ensemble was a true pleasure. For my commission, I was given the task of somehow linking my piece to the cantata "Zvezdoliki" by Stravinsky, from which the ensemble got their name. Such a task can be solved in many ways, and I was given full freedom from the ensemble to choose myown way of accomplishing the task. The result was a piece where the opening chords of the Stravinsky played a central role as a sort of anchor point. The piece was not easy to play, and the ensemble did an excellent job together with Luc Brewaeys who conducted the premiere. I was very pleased with the sounding result and the interpretation the ensemble arrived at. Communication was smooth throughout the entire process of our collaboration. Working with such skilled and talented performers is very inspirational for me as a composer. Their positive attitude was reflected in their performance of the music. Recording engineer Pieter Ketelslegers made a high quality recording of the premiere, and I'm happy to have such a good recording of a very vibrant performance.